Artist Services

As you rock out on the stage and contemplate how far you can crowd surf before you reach the point of no return and get consumed by the masses, we are handling everything else you can imagine. While it is your job to put on a show of a lifetime on stage, it is our job to take it to the next level off stage. We cover everything from ticketing, creative merchandise,tour services, E-Commerce, and much more! So you work hard and do what you do best, we’ll take care of the rest.

VIP Packages

Maximize ancillary income by treating your fans like the VIPs they are. We secure the seats, work out the logistics with the venue, and roll out the red carpet to create an EXPERIENCE that will be remembered.


Our proprietary system is scalable to sell fan club tickets, or even an entire venue, while allowing your customers to know exactly where they will be sitting at the time of purchase. Through our relationships with many promoters and venues we are able to secure the best seats in the house for fan club ticketing and have flexibility to fulfill orders or will call the tickets. Rather than have your fans go to a scalper to bid up the best seats, use our ticket auction system to maximize revenues from your best seats while giving your fans a safe and trustworthy place to purchase.


Through the teamwork of our in–house design staff and our extensive network of vendors, STILETTO Ventures creates product solutions for established and developing clients alike. These products are designed to appeal to wide consumer demographics. Go beyond traditional tour merch by creating retail ready packaging, adding hang tags, polybagging, or re-labeling. Let your merchandise reflect who you are by offering eco-friendly or lifestyle options. If you can think of it we can make it.


A well developed e-commerce program trains fans where to get the latest goods and creates an online community that will stay with you for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on attentive customer service and make ourselves available in a variety of methods…live chat for those that can't wait, prompt email responses within a business day, and even phone support for those who like to talk to a person speaking English. Our stores come with a built in array of tools that both reward fans and convert sales: birthday discounts, discounts for new accounts with abandoned carts, product upsells, social media sharing and more.

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